CE - Technology, Business, Education & Communication Solutions 




As mainly an engineering, industrial design and consultancy initiative, CE has been providing her services to the aviation-aerospace & defense industries; mostly worldwide...

Professionally, "CE Team" is specialized in applying her extensive resources, knowledge, relationships and experience to assist her clients on engineering, industrial design, logistics and consultancy in achieving their international business growth objectives. 

Each member of the "CE Team" believes that if a solution exists, "CE Team" could find it.. So, each member of the "CE Team" does have distinguishing specialties in her/his operational area of expertise and eager to improve/update herself/himself continuously to keep "CE" as the CE mark in the services provided. 

The leader of "CE Teams", Can EREL, has 40+ years of hands-on management and on-the-soil experience in highly complex and competitive defense and aeronautics industries, technology and business development pursuits. He holds a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering and an MBA degree. He was the former senior technical executive for the major Air Logistics Center of Turkish Air Force. He has considerable experience on domestic aviation and aeronautics market research, and training initiatives as well. 

The members of the "CE Industrial Design Team" have a great reputation and background in industrial design including concept development of product, product visualization, technical drawing, production drawing, rapid prototyping and manufacturing advisory.

The associates of "CE" are high-level, long-term, defense and aviation marketing and intelligence networking specialists.  They each possess a full understanding of Turkey's needs, procurements, and processes and can provide intelligence..

A wide range of solutions provided to the clients with the brand of "CE" can be seen on "Services" page. 

"CE", as a solution initiative, has been active in Turkey since 2005, however her resources include a combined accumulation of experience totaling many decades.