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✈ Those Leaving a Mark on the Development of Industry in Turkey: Selâhattin (Reşit) Alan, the First Aeronautical Engineer of the Republic of Turkey

(Article-Analysis, English / April 2015, Turkey)
Published: Defence Turkey #60, May 2015


✈ ...from Women of Aviation Worldwide Week (WoAWW) activities in Turkey (March 2014)


✈ An Interview with Joe NIEBERDING & Larry ROSS of AEA - Fifty Years Experience in Aerospace Industry is in the service of Young Engineers 2013 

The Human Factor Effects on the Success of Aerospace Studies and Lessons Learned
(Turkish - Havacılık ve Uzay Çalışmalarının Başarısında İnsan Faktörünün Etkisi ve Alınan Dersler, Mart 2012)


✈ Turkish Civil Aviation Sector Annual Report 2012  by TOBB-TSHM      

Türkiye Sivil Havacılık Meclisi Sektör Raporu 2012


✈ Turkish Civil Aviation Sector Annual Report 2011 (Turkish) by TOBB-TSHM


✈ "Turkish Silicon Valley" is made alive ... Advanced Technology Industry Park (ATIP) from 1987 Until Now... 2010 




Business in Turkey at a Glance:


✈ ICAO Journal #6804 - State Profile Special Feature: Turkey 


✈ Turkish Business Outlook 2012 2012


✈ Global Advatage of Turkey 2011


✈ Ankara Development Agency Publications:

Ankara Regional Plan 2011-2013

Investment Climate in Ankara 




OEM's Forcast Reports:


  Honeywell Global Business Aviation Forecast  (October 2014) 


✈ Airbus’ Global Market Forecast 2013-2032


✈ Boieng’s Current Market Outlook 2013-2032 




Reference Reports & Publications 

✈ Special Report by Flight Global - World Air Forces 2013
 ICFi Aviation Outlook (November 2013)
 A Time for Renewal "The Global MRO Forecast 2013 – 2023"   (September 2013)
✈ Top 100 in Defense by Defense News (2000 - 2013)
✈ Retail Apps & Buying Habits by Digital Publishing Report by Adobe (January 2013)
✈ The Wind and Beyond: A Documentary Journey into the History of Aerodynamics in America
Volume I: The Ascent of the Airplane
Volume II: Reinventing the Airplane